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The "Stream Team" is a dedicated group of volunteers that gather water quality data throughout the Lower Muskingum River Watershed. Stream Team members are trained by FLMR staff to collect habitat, biological and chemical data. The data collected by these amazing volunteers helps protect the streams in our communities so we may continue to enjoy using our local streams and rivers safely.

Through this invaluable data collection effort FLMR is able to:

Volunteer water monitors build community awareness of pollution problems, help identify and restore problem sites, become advocates for their watersheds and increase the amount of needed water quality information available on our local bodies of water.

To become a "Stream Team Volunteer Monitor", call 740-374-4170 or send us an email at

Stream Team Monitoring Sites in the Lower Muskingum River Watershed

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Useful Resources for Stream Team Members:

Volunteer Training Manual Printable Site Maps Field Data Sheets Habitat Evaluation Form Stream Access Permission Form