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Southern Watershed: Muskingum River Basin

FLMR's Southern Watershed Action Plan (WAP). The plan was fully endorsed by the State of Ohio in 2013. Click on the image below to download the WAP...

What is a Watershed Action Plan (WAP)?

A WAP is a collaborative/systematic analysis of a specific land drainage area (a.k.a. a watershed). It identifies the causes and sources of water pollution and recommends strategies to reduce those pollutant loads.

The purpose of a WAP is that it becomes a "living document" utilized by local officials and stakeholders as they seek to make improvements to the water resources within the basin.

This isn't our first WAP! Click the image below to view the Meigs Creek Management Plan

What's the benefit to you?

If the WAP were implemented, EVERY RESIDENT within the Southern Watershed would benefit from healthier streams, rivers, and an overall healthier place to live! Having this endorsed plan not only identifies specific projects that need to be completed within the watershed, but it also allows stakeholder groups to obtain grant funding that was not previously available.

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Southern Watershed: Quick Facts

Where is the Southern Watershed?

The Southern Watershed is a land drainage area of about 90 square miles. Approximately 47,500 acres of this watershed resides in Washington County, Ohio and 10,000 acres in Noble County, Ohio. The southern boundary of this watershed is at Marietta, Ohio and the northern boundary is at "Big Run" in Jackson Township of Noble County, Ohio. Image








The Southern Watershed is made of 4 subwatersheds, each designated with a 12-digit Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) number. The four 12-digit HUC subwatersheds are as follows:

• Big Run - HUC # 0504000412-01
• Rainbow Creek - HUC # 0504000412-02
• Cat Creek-Muskingum River - HUC # 0504000412-03
• Devol Run-Muskingum River - HUC # 0504000412-04

Big Run Subwatershed (0504000412-01) image

Rainbow Creek Subwatershed (0504000412-02) image

Cat Creek-Muskingum River Subwatershed (0504000412-03) image

Devol Run-Muskingum River Subwatershed (0504000412-04) image