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Items For Sale

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FLMR Rain Barrels- $65
*Made from recycled 55 gallon barrels

Water your garden without increasing your water bill!

- Rain Barrels include an inlet for your downspout, an overflow valve and a spigot for easy watering!
- Painting your barrel is easy with Krylon Fusion for Plastic ®


Great for conserving our precious water resources!

Carry-all Bags- Varies, usually ~$20
These beautiful bags are handmade from donated fabric and are built to last. They're study, reversible, washable, and fashionable--truly the pinnacle of current bag technology. Each bag has the FLMR logo and is one of a kind.


Walking Sticks- Varies, $15 - $30
These walking sticks are made from pesky Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)! FLMR has put this non-native invasive species to good use by carving beautiful walking sticks out of trees from our control efforts on our land trust properties.

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A valuable rain garden reference guide for homeowners and designers in the Upper Midwest. Thoroughly researched and beautifully illustrated, the book is approachable for beginners, yet contains detailed information for landscape professionals. It contains easy to follow instructions on how to locate, size, and design rain gardens. It also covers soil preparation, plant selection, rain garden installation, information on care and maintenance, and example rain garden plans. We can also provide you with a list of plants well-suited to Ohio's climate and soils along with the Blue Thumb Guide.